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There are millions of martial arts practitioners all over the world. Through the disciplines these arts and abilities are actively involved in learning how to improve their awareness, health, fitness, confidence and their capacity to protect themselves.

BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL has grown in popularity in recent years as we have begun to discover the many benefits that such discipline can offer. While they can help improve physical fitness, the arts also emphasize the importance of a harmonious balance between body and mind, and this makes them particularly appealing. There is much to be gained from learning any art of self-defence and a general sense of well-being and inner calm.

There is a wide range of disciplines to choose from and BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL will give you to some of most popular forms. The fascinating history and philosophy of each art is clearly explained, followed by the step by step learning that introduce you to yoga, exercises and techniques. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, this is important; BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL will help you develop at each stage.

Inherent in their teaching are the guiding principles of respect, courtesy and self-discipline. The martial arts encourage us to fight the enemy within in an effort to become better people. Combine this attitude with the inner strength one gains from their training, and the rewards are peace of mind and a richer quality of life. While some arts may, superficially, appear to be aggressive, especially when weapons are used, this is far from their true meaning. The use of sword, for example, in its philosophy and teachings, is concerned with developing the mind and body to work harmoniously together, creating the confidence and ability to avoid confrontation.

Aim of BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL is to give you an insight into a selection of martial arts commonly practiced through out the world today. Within join in BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL you will find a brief overview of each martial arts history and philosophy and the essential clothing you need in order to take part. Yoga, Warm of exercises and basic techniques are also included, as well as insight into some of the weaponry that is traditionally used. If you are a more experienced martial arts practitioner, this BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL may introduce you to disciplines that you have not yet explored.

While some of days give step-by-step instruction on how to practice some of the basic moves of the chosen discipline, there can be no substitute for learning from a professionally recognized, experienced and highly skilled teacher, who will instruct and assist you in the development of your chosen art. It is important that you train in safe environment, that you are aware of emergency procedures in case of accidents, and that you have proper insurance cover.

There is much to gained from learning at least a little about the many wonderful and varied martial arts and the legacies of the ancient teachers.

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