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Karate Training and Black Belt Test is going be to held on 31st March 2019.
Tenshinkan Shotokan Karate Odisha Championship is going to held on 01 April 2019,Organised by Balaram Defence School.
Vil./Po-Bairee, Ps.-Badachana,
Dt.-Jajpur, St.-Odisa, India.
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Welcome to Balaram Defence School

There are millions of martial arts practitioners all over the world. Through the disciplines these arts and abilities are actively involved in learning how to improve their awareness, health, fitness, confidence and their capacity to protect themselves.

BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL has grown in popularity in recent years as we have begun to discover the many benefits that such discipline can offer. While they can help improve physical fitness, the arts also emphasize the importance of a harmonious balance between body and mind, and this makes them particularly appealing. There is much to be gained from learning any art of self-defence and a general sense of well-being and inner calm.

There is a wide range of disciplines to choose from and BALARAM DEFENCE SCHOOL will give you to some of most popular forms.

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Self Defence for Womens

• Always be alert. Do not think rape or violence on women happens only in the newspapers or is a figment of a reporter’s imagination. It is true, it is real and it can happen to you.

• Use what works on the street. If you have a key chain, gouge his face with it.

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